Ziegfeld Members are our superheroes in regular clothing (or not). For a monthly fee they step forward as forceful allies of theater, art and comedy in the community and receive one-of-a-kind benefits in return. With three levels of giving, there's sure to be one in your budget.




1. One ticket to each show we produce for twelve months, including our parodies and youth productions! Upcoming shows can be found here.

3. Free concessions at each visit (number and items depend on membership level).


4. Invitations to our Members Only Galas, including free drinks, food and fun!


5. Recognition in programs, a lobby plaque and seat cover (depending on membership level).

6. A special Ziegfeld Theater gift.


7. Joy that comes from knowing you are supporting your local artists.



What are your upcoming shows ?

Our 2018 shows can be found here.


What are the different Membership levels?

We have 6 membership options:


1. ARTISTS CIRCLE - for $15/month you can be a patron of the arts. Our Artists receive 1 ticket to all Ziegfeld Theater productions, including Zig Youth productions, 1 free drink and 1 free popcorn at each visit, his/her name in each program, a special Ziegfeld Theater gift and an invitation to our Members Gala.


2. ARTISTS CIRCLE COUPLE - for $30/month you can enjoy our Artists Circle benefits, but built for two: two tickets to each performance, 2 free popcorns and 2 free fountain drinks at each visit, names in the program, 2 special gifts and an 2 invitations to our Members Gala.


3. DIRECTORS CIRCLE - for $25/month you can be a generous patron of the arts. Our Directors enjoy all of the benefits of the Artists Circle level plus 1 free candy bar at each visit and recognition on a plaque in the lobby.


4. DIRECTORS CIRCLE COUPLE - for $50/month you can be generous patrons of the arts as a couple. You will enjoy all the Directors Circle benefits built for two.

5. PRODUCERS CIRCLE - for $40/month you can be our rockstar donor with rockstar benefits. In addition to all the Directors Circle benefits, we will create a personalized seat cover with your name on it to be placed on your chair at each visit.

6.  PRODUCERS CIRCLE COUPLE - for $80/month you are an arts power couple. You will receive all the Producers Circle benefits built for two, including two personalized seat covers with your names to be placed on your chairs at each visit.


Are my tickets transferrable?

Yes. You are a valued supporter. Send whomever you like.


Can I cancel before my twelve months is up?

You may, though we hope you won't. The month you cancel is the month your benefits will cease. If you cancel three months in, you will only have been offered tickets to the shows playing during those three months, and any other recurring benefits will likewise cease immediately.