NOV 9-17

Mon, Thurs, Fri, Saturday @ 7:30pm

Saturday  @ 2:00pm


Appropriate for all audiences.


$5 CHILDREN (3-16 years)

Tickets $1 more if purchased at the door.


Tickets available for purchase online or over the phone. Tickets purchased in the hour prior to performance must be purchased at the door.

PHONE BOX OFFICE 855-944-2787

Open M-SAT 10:00AM-6:30PM

WHAT IS A PANTO?​ Forget the West End - British Panto is the most popular form of theater across the pond. And now we are once again bringing it to The Ziegfeld Stage! A Panto is a traditional fairy tale with a modern twist. Modern music, modern dance with current jokes and themes. Just like Hamilton - a panto could have ball guests, in their gowns, dancing hip hop with the prince. It's Snow White like you've never experienced it before, and perfect for the whole family!

Snow White, a Panto, is a Zig Youth Production, featuring performers aged 12-17.