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Ziegfeld Theater in Layton, Utah

The hallmark of a thriving, vibrant city is the existence of a successful performing arts theater. Appreciation for live theater is equated with culture and worldliness because the experience broadens horizons. Layton residents are only minutes away from our local theater in Ogden, where you can see some of the best musical theater in the Intermountain West.

Local Theater Talent

When you live in Layton, it’s much easier to head 15 minutes north to Ogden to see a musical theater performance than a half an hour south to Salt Lake City where you have to battle traffic and pay for parking. That’s why we get so many theater-goers from the Ogden suburbs. We’re northern Utah’s hidden gem — but we won’t stay hidden for long.

Audiences are always impressed with the caliber of our actors, singers, dancers and musicians and the quality of our performances. Our costume and set designers make each production an amazing sight to behold, with unbelievable color, style and innovation. When you come to a performance at our theater, you’ll forget you’re in Utah and feel like you’re on Broadway instead!

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Live Theater Beats Recorded Performances

During the height of the pandemic, many people had to stay home, with the television their only outlet for entertainment. Cinemas and local theaters were closed. Now is your opportunity to emerge and experience the excitement of live theater again!

Traveling exposes you to different experiences, sights and cultures, but until it is feasible to do again, Layton residents can get their dose of culture at our performing arts center.

Supporting the Arts

You may have noticed that when schools run short of money, one of the first things to go is art. While we believe math and reading are important, we think it is a mistake to treat art as a disposable afterthought. Art is an important and necessary part of life.

Many performing arts centers struggle to stay afloat in challenging economic times. As a lover of theater, you can help by attending our plays and recommending them on social media. You can even become a patron by joining the Z Club, which gives you special perks such as backstage tours and free drinks and snacks when you come to a play.

You can further help us promote the arts in northern Utah by sending your child or grandchild to our Ziegfeld Arts Academy, where we run an all-day home school and preschool arts program once a week. We also hold a Summer Camp Program all summer long. Each two-week session has a different theme, so kids can come to as many as they want.

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Best Musical Theater

We know if you come out to one of our plays, you’ll fall in love with musical theater and be back again and again. Layton residents have the advantage of being close enough to Ogden to visit our performing arts center frequently. Buy tickets to a show today.

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