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Performing Arts Theater Minutes from Roy, Utah

Why stay home and watch more Netflix when you can go out and experience live theater? One of the best performing arts centers in the Intermountain West is in Ogden, only a few minutes’ drive from Roy, Utah. You’ll be so amazed at the depth of talent we have here at our local theater, you’ll want to come back again and again.

World-Class Musical Theater

Our facility is the closest live theater to the town of Roy, but that’s not the only reason you should come see a show. The caliber of our actors, dancers, singers and musicians is unparalleled in the northern Utah area. Many have fine arts degrees as well as a lengthy list of shows under their belts.

Not every city has the advantage of being able to support a world-class performing arts theater. With Salt Lake City less than an hour away, the ability of Ogden to maintain a popular live theater just shows what varied interests northern Utahns have. While God and family always come first (and sports comes second), we’re excited that so many locals from Roy and the surrounding Ogden suburbs appreciate the type of cultural experience live theater provides.

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We Bring Broadway to Roy

Especially today, when traveling is still risky for a number of populations, it’s helpful that we are able to bring vibrant and exciting musical theater to the area. Watching filmed versions of stage productions on TV or on your laptop is nothing like watching live theater. The energy in a room of performers in front of a live audience cannot be matched.

Guests to our musical theater have called performances electrifying, captivating and thrilling. Once you attend one of our plays, you’ll be hooked.

Supporting the Arts

Now more than ever, it’s important to do everything we can to keep live theater alive and well in northern Utah. It’s too easy when times get tough and money runs short to prioritize other things in life besides art. We understand. But at our local theater, we put the arts on a pedestal, holding them in high regard. A population without arts and theater is like food without salt, school without recess, winter without Christmas — blah, empty, colorless.

You can enjoy art at our theater by attending one of our plays, buying season tickets or becoming a patron by joining the Z Club and getting lots of exciting perks such as backstage tours and free beverages and snacks when you attend plays.

Another way to keep the arts alive and well is to send your child (or grandchild) to the Ziegfeld Arts Academy. We run an all-day program once a week for homeschoolers and their preschool siblings, plus we operate a Summer Arts Camp as well. Being only a few minutes’ drive from Roy, our academy is perfect for kids from Roy who love musical theater.

Come to our performing arts center this season and see a play — we know you will fall in love with musical theater and come back again and again.

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