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'Tis the Season to Give!

       As the end of the year quickly approaches I am overwhelmed with the amazing support and growth that our Theater has had. Thank you all for the wonderful things you do for us. This year we have received many grants from a variety of different sources and organizations, I would like to highlight the grants from the federal and state governments and the SBA’s Shuttered Venues Operations Grant as well as Weber County’s RAMP. This is a continued reminder that we cannot do what we do without ongoing financial support outside of our ticket sales. Each year our Arts Academy is able  to put over 1,000 kids on our stage and we have over 20,000 patrons come through our doors annually. Our impact is continuing to grow! I would encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation in these final days of the year. There are many ways to give including our Z-Club membership which is a couples membership that lasts for one year and includes prime seating, concessions benefits, exclusive events and more. 


Thank you, 

Caleb Parry 

Executive Director and Co-Founder

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