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On Stage Now:



February 23 - March 16

Up Next:


YOUTH: April 12- 27

KIDS: May 3- 11

MINIS: May 4, 11

2024 Mainstage Season

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Jan 5- 20

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June 14- 29


Feb 23- March 16

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Aug 30- Sept 14

Presented in American Sign Language and English

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Oct 4- 26

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 May 24- June 2


Nov 29- Dec 23

2024 season
Current Show


Did you know that you can experience world-class musical theater without ever leaving Ogden, Utah?


Come to the plays at our performing arts theater this season and lose yourself in the magic of performing arts.


Named after iconic musical theater genius Florenz Ziegfeld, our performing arts center is like a little Broadway theater right here in Ogden. The actors, dancers and singers at our local theater come to us with experience in many previous shows, and they pour their hearts and souls into every performance they give.


Since 2012, our live theater has produced over 100 shows, including Fiddler on the Roof, Les Miserables, and Monty Python’s Spamalot. It’s no secret that COVID darkened theaters all over the U.S. for more than a year, idling performers, musicians and backstage crews and disappointing audiences everywhere, but as we venture back into normal life, our theater is thrilled to be open and operating again.


There really is nothing so electrifying as live theater — watching the events take place right in front of your eyes. With live theater, there are no do-overs — the show must go on, and that’s part of the excitement.


If you have been to our musical theater before, we hope you will return again soon to see a play. If you have never been to our performing arts center, we encourage you to come give it a try and experience the passion our actors bring to the stage.


Also check out our youth musical theater performances put on by our arts academy students — the next generation of performers to captivate local theater audiences in Ogden.

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The Ziegfeld Theater is about art, collaboration, and acceptance. Our driving motto is "Professional standard, community spirit," and it drives every aspect of our work. As an emerging performance venue and company, we are finding success catering to a broad audience. We work to enlist A-list local talent and produce professional quality entertainment, always keeping in mind that positive collaboration is essential. Joining these ideals is a guiding principle of improvisation: "Yes...And!"  The "Yes" means that we accept theatrical, musical, and visual arts that are furthering the community's knowledge and cultural experience. The “And” describes our dedication to enhancing the idea and furthering its impact. ​

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